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An Introduction to Counseling (also known as psychotherapy)

Everyone needs counseling. This is a fundamental premise of BEing there Counseling. You do not need to spend a lot of time trying to asses whether or not you really “need” counseling. It is a given! Everyone needs counseling.

At least everyone who was never trained in how to use their emotions to access their inner truth needs counseling. Since we have never met anyone who received training in using their emotions effectively, we feel pretty comfortable in saying that everyone needs counseling.

Counseling is not just for people who are “disturbed” or “sick” or “incompetent”. Certainly, people with an emotional or mental disturbance can benefit from counseling. But counseling is even more effective for people who have the intelligence and humility to know that skill-building makes life better.

Counseling is a form of education, education in how to use experience wisely. You may have all the experience in the world, but if you never learn how to put it together into a system that raises your level of consciousness, then it is wasted.

For people who think there is one correct answer for every problem, counseling drives them crazy. Counseling is not a place where the problem can be readily diagnosed and a remedy prescribed. Counseling is a process where personal answers are not found; they are created. Counseling is an education. Counseling itself, is the remedy.

Just like the education process for mental training, you start with little realizations. You progress by building up to the ability to integrate large realizations. You learn new skills and practice them by applying them to specific situations in your life. As your life slowly changes, reflecting these decisions, you become more adept at dealing with smaller issues, and more prepared to learn how to deal with larger issues.

The reward for becoming more competent in your life is a form of freedom, freedom from the pettiness that is common in most people’s lives. Emotional competence offers you the opportunity to deal with life’s larger questions.

Consider for a moment that it took more than a decade of school for you to learn how to think and apply mental skills to the problems, choices, dilemmas, situations and creative endeavors in your life. For highly skilled professions, more than two decades of training are required. Counseling is similar.

You do not need to commit to ten years of emotional training right out of the gate. But it is not uncommon for someone to begin therapy with concern over one area of his or her life, and in the process of learning how to deal with it effectively, they come to appreciate the acquisition of more skills and stick around for many years. This is like the appreciation one would feel for the skills gained in the first, second and third grades, and then deciding they want to continue with the fourth, fifth and sixth grades.

How much emotional education and training you feel is relevant to your interests and goals will always be an on-going decision in the counseling process. Your interests and goals will probably change as you grow. Many people feel such a sense of internal competence as they acquire more skills, that they choose to pursue more and more education in the emotional aspect.

One of the benefits of counseling is the growing awareness that you are the creator of what you experience in the world. You always have been. You either create your world consciously and deliberately, or you create it unconsciously. Either way, you are the creator of your experience.

The awareness and insight you gain from counseling allows you to create your experience more consciously. We refer to this as gaining consciousness, or realizing consciousness. This then, begs the question of defining a spectrum of consciousness. There is Higher Consciousness and there is lower consciousness.

However, one cannot comprehend Higher Consciousness when they are living at lower consciousness. Only after growth occurs, does one begin to see and understand the benefits of Higher Consciousness. The experiences one encounters in these different levels of consciousness vary widely. Someone who pursues enough counseling will inevitably see the wisdom of working to realize ever-higher levels of consciousness.

Developing one’s ability to recognize and claim Personal Truth is the single greatest step in the pursuit of Higher Consciousness. It takes guidance and deliberate inner work to learn this skill, and years of practice to develop it. Much of psychotherapy, or counseling, is devoted to the acquisition and perfection of this skill, as one applies it to the various facets of their life.

For a complete description of the basic skills you will learn in counseling and how they will change your life, read Feeling Your Way Along, found in the BEing There Bookstore.

Our goal is to help you achieve the life that is true for you. This starts with this first issue, the first problem you face. Whether you want to finally fix this one problem in your life, or you desire to use it as a launching point for much greater things, is up to you. Start now with counseling, at BEing There Counseling™.

Free and Famous
Counseling Booklets

Before there was a website, we actually had to print information booklets on paper. Many a person has commented on how they have learned more about counseling, personal growth and the pursuit of Higher Consciousness through these free booklets than they did through years of counseling elsewhere.

Some of the specific information about counseling rates, contact information, and so on is no longer accurate. But the general content about emotions and counseling is as helpful now as it was when it was first written.

The more you know about counseling the more you will gain from it. These are very helpful introductory booklets. If you want more in-depth information, you can find our books for sale in the bookstore.

For more information about counseling, you can download any of these booklets in pdf format:

  1. BEing There Counseling
  2. Primary Counseling: Resolving Conflict, Opening Doors
  3. Issue-Hours: The Measure of Growth
    1. Issue-Hours Log
  4. The Next Step – Consciousness Counseling
  5. Seeking … Your Truth Wherever You Can Find It
  6. Consciousness Mentoring: The Ultimate Form of Counseling
    (Available on request for advanced seekers)

Emotion School is a BEing There website that offers video courses in emotion skills. It is not counseling. But it is the next best thing!

The first course is called The Wisdom of Emotion™. In it you will get a clear picture of why it is imperative to learn emotional skills if you ever want to resolve any of your emotional issues, learn emotional lessons, or if you want to be able to use your emotions to effectively pursue Higher Consciousness.

If you are not able to begin counseling right now with BEing There Counseling, or with someone in your area who knows how to effectively use emotions, then you should purchase the Emotion School courses. At least you will be introduced to the Path of Emotion™, and begin to chart your life in a truthful manner.

Just click here to go to the Emotion School introduction page.

Make an Appointment for Counseling

BEing There Counseling™ is available for counseling services. It is located in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. Counseling is provided face-to-face in the office, on an appointment basis. Donna BE and Tycee Belcastro will always answer questions about their hourly rates and methods of payment.

With some individuals who have met a few specific basic requirements* and agree to provide some written materials, she will conduct counseling via internet video. This allows people from all around the world, who meet these requirements, to access her services.

Counseling really does make your life work better. You can become the deliberate creator of your life, resolving conflicts, making wise choices, living with full self-responsibility. It starts with counseling at BEing There. Arrange an appointment. Start your new life now!

*Eligibility requirements for internet video counseling:

  • Prior counseling, have all records sent to BEing There Counseling;
  • Fluency in the English language;
  • Internet video service (currently using Facebook or Skype);
  • Others requirements as deemed necessary.